Zaza Gray Granted the 2023 Superior Taste Award!

Good new! Zaza Gray is granted the 2023 Superior Taste Award by ITI (International Taste Institute) which is famous for its professional team and strict selection process. Hundreds of jury members include chefs from Michelin restaurants, as well as experts were chosen as nutritionists and dietologists. And In order to ensure the objectivity of the result, during the selection period, all the judges strictly conduct professional evaluation and score from five sensory dimensions: first impression, vision, smell, taste and texture. Therefore, it is a great honor to be rated as notable products with scoring between 70% and 80% which shows the affirmation of rice vermicelli noodle.

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Since 2005, ITI has evaluated more than 15,000 food and beverage products from more than 130 countries around the world. In 2023, 624 products were awarded the “International Taste Award”, a certificate for products were well-made, mellower and full of flavor. Among products that participated in the tasting every year, only the extremely excellent products can be awarded.

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Endorsement by word’s best chefs and sommeliers, the recognized label provides opportunity for Zaza Gray to see cooperation in the globe and better sharing happiness from every slurping noodle. With the exchanges of global cultures, asian food is very popular all over the world nowadays. Such an award represents high value and the international authoritative judgment on the trend of asian food. Being authorized, an objective benchmark of superior taste, it offers a foundation for discussions and can help convince consumers that may not familiar with rice vermicelli products and industry. Superior Taste Award will motivate Zaza Gray to strive for excellence and innovation in rice noodle industry. And thanks to the personalized suggestions from ITI, inheriting the traditional Chinese craftsmanship, our team will catch the trend and further improve our mixed rice noodle products that cater to every buds.

Post time: Jan-13-2023