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“Happiness in Every Slurping Noodle”. As leading rice noodle brand, ZAZA GRAY is aiming to bring eating happiness and health to your daily life. Nowadays, busy work & studying sometimes make people ignore the health as well as cooking happiness. Eating fried instant wheat noodle becomes common but unhealthy. While, ZAZA GRAY tends to advocate healthier rice noodle which contains iron element, protein, carbohydrates. Mixed with vegetables, meats, peanuts, chilis, etc., ZAZA GRAY enable you to make an authentic noodle vermicelli by your own in 10 minutes. No matter you are a single noble, or a family member, you deserve a happy cooking and a delicious meal.

ZAZA GRAY endorse “Ah Hui” as the brand spokesman, who is a game IP from Tanwan. Not only Ah Hui is a skilled chef, but also a food lover. You always can find his cute & handsome characters among our different noodle flavors. Along with Ah Hui, Let’s start the mouth journey, enjoying diverse flavors of Chinese rice noodles!

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