Company Overview

ZAZA GRAY is the No. 1 brand of mixed rice vermicelli in China, and is well known to consumers for its multi-flavored rice noodles. We are specializing in manufacturing rice noodles with different tastes, it has became very popular worldwide for authentic taste and high quality ingredients. With our own noodle research institute and years of noodle producing experience, we are able to deliver delicious & healthy rice noodles vermicelli to global consumers in different flavors. As the main brand of rice noodle in China market, ZAZA GRAY noodle products can be found everywhere online & offline. With good reputation and tasty flavors, its domestic sales volume increases dramatically year by year, reaching a billion. Besides, many big famous international chain stores already partnered with ZAZA GRAY, such as 7-Eleven, C-STORE, RT-MART, FamilyMart, etc.

The name Zaza Gray comes from meme which went viral on the Internet. As a fast-growing national rice noodle brand, with Chinese food culture and regional flavor as its root, Zaza Gray is committed to bringing authentic rice noodles to the world and relieving nostalgia of young people across the country. Driven by “Happiness in Every Slurping Noodle”, with a focus on high-quality product, it works to offer the best rice noodles, easiest cooking method to prepare meals within the shortest time. It is our responsibility to bring happiness and health to your daily life and have fun in meals and cooking process.

As a brand & quality oriented company, ZAZA GRAY is determined to stand for authentic Chinese noodle, sharing Chinese food culture with people all around the world.

Each vermicelli product is specially made to be simple and convenient to cook, allowing anybody to get creative with Asian food. ZAZA GRAY follow the real original recipes that are totally true to tradition, so what you taste is completely authentic flavor.

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