The first Chinese Rice Noodle Festival (2021 June 11th -15th)

Try to find the most authentic rice noodles in the world? Come to Jiangxi. Pleasant environment and beautiful ecology make it bed for rice noodles and the origin of many domestic leading rice vermicelli brand. The province’s annual output of rice noodles is more than 1.4 million tons, and there are nearly 30,000 rice noodle restaurants, the daily consumption of fresh rice noodles exceeds 1,000 tons. A big province for the production and consumption of rice noodles. Jiangxi has been identified as the permanent venue for the Chinese Rice Noodle Festival. Zaza Gray, specializes in Asian food wholesale business, aiming at providing authentic Jiangxi rice noodles, is pleased to be one of the distributors.The first Chinese Rice Noodle Festival  (2)The Jiangxi provincial government attaches great importance to the development and promotion of the rice noodle industry and launches the selection of of Gan cuisine to advance local flavors into international stage. Zaza Gray with its three main series: fried rice noodles, mixed rice noodles, rice noodles in soup are favored by different groups. Over the past few years, sales have continued to grow, and it is a local brand familiar to residents in Jiangxi. Adhered to the authentic Jiangxi flavor, Nangchang rice noodles forms a spicy and fresh flavor. With wholly-owned and absolutely controlled production bases in Jiangxi, reliable quality in Zaza Gray can be guaranteed. Relying on stable product quality and industry reputation, it provides OEM for many well-known brands and helps them create a variety of popular products. This not only means that products are safe and reliable, but also indicates that Chinese food companies have the strength and ability to go abroad to meet greater challenges and opportunities, and at the same time bring Chinese flavored rice noodles to consumers all over the world. For domestic market, through cooperation with other brand, Zaza Gray not only finds a way to enhance the public’s favorability, but also continued to this positive action, which is why the brand can keep vigorous.

The first Chinese Rice Noodle Festival  (1)

Post time: Jun-16-2021