Support from Zaza Gray to fight against pandemic in Nangchang (2022.03.22)

In March of 2022, Nanchang have suffered the outbreak of the epidemic. In the context of severe situation, emergency response group was set up immediately in Zaza Gray to fight against difficulties brought by COVID-19. Professionals were invited to strengthen awareness, carry out disinfection protection and instruct self-inspection process to ensure workers’ health and guarantee the normal operation of the factory. In addition, cooperating with Nanchang High-tech Zone Management Committee , responses to support the prevention and control of COVID-19 were made quickly by donating batches of Nanchang Mixed Rice Noodles as anti-epidemic materials in Nanchang High-tech (5)

This measure not only provided food for the front-line staff, but also paid tribute and thanks to the medical staff and volunteers with practical actions to win the tough battle. Earlier in June 2021, Zaza Gray responded quickly to the call of Guangdong Province to the pandemic, and sent batches of food materials to organizations. It is the active involvement in public and volunteer activities that helped it earn 2021 Sina Guangdong Annual Awards.

As a new brand of instant food in Nanchang, Zaza Gray is committed to making regional delicacies available online by digging out flavors in different areas, so that diners can taste local cuisine that countless people have dreamed of no matter where they are. At the critical moment, Zaza Gray hopes to shoulder its social responsibility and contribute to anti-epidemic activities by providing food and bringing warm and energy to staff and local residents with sincerity and hospitality. It is hoped that through the joint efforts of all parties, the frontline anti-epidemic personnel and local residents will have no worries, and win this sudden epidemic prevention and control battle with more energy and state. Hope strength brought by delicious food can eliminate the fatigue and encourage everyone a better performance in the tough time.  news (7)

Post time: Mar-22-2022